Force Pad Small Spiral Black


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A small spiral note pad is shown and the pages are flipped to show different words.

A spectator looks at one of the pages and remembers the word. You can instantly reveal the word!!

The Force pad looks like a simple note pad yet it allows you to perform a natural and direct force.The pad works on the Svengali or long & short principle. The pages are precision cut and each pad is professionally glued and the spiral bound.

You will receive TWO blank Force pads that can easily and quickly be customised in any language to force any word, time, celebrity, colour, date, simple drawing, city, number, zodiac, magic square number, song etc

Each pad is HAND checked for precision
Pocket size, easy to carry
Perfect for Close up & Walk around
Professionally glued & spiral bound
Precision cut pages
40 pages total, 20 long & 20 short
Each pad is approx 3″ x 4.5″
Unlimited possibilities
Manufactured in the UK


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